Throughout my many home tours with First Time Buyers in MN, I’ve seen a lot of funny, scary, and down right dumb choices in people’s attempt to fix-up a property.  I’ve also seen a lot of unfortunate things to happen to homes, when people move out or the property gets vandalized.

So I thought it was high time I start putting some of the best ones up on the site.  Hope you enjoy!

(Click the Thumbnails to view a larger size image)

Yes, someone actually painted their bedroom these colors

Yes, someone actually painted their bedroom these colors!

Now that's what I call a Throne! (notice the TP holder on the floor)

Now that's what I call a THRONE! (notice the TP holder on the floor)

I've heard of copper stripping the plumbing, but never the circuit box!

I think you're gonna need a new A/C unit

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2 Responses to Fix-Ups Gone Bad #1

  1. […] started his own Stupid Property Repairs version called Fix-Up’s Gone Bad.  Get over to the First Time Home Buyer Blog there and take a look.  I especially love the toilet paper roll on the floor!  Probably the first […]

  2. John Gall says:

    Wow your not kidding, that toilet is great. Now all they need in that picture is the court jester.

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